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Jetdogs Studios (est. 2015) is an experienced independent game studio based in Helsinki, Finland. We're focused on unique, original, great looking cross-platform games.


Our mission is to continue to leverage our experience, creativity, and discipline to create top quality products. One of our main priorities, over and above all, is to make our players really satisfied with our work and to be always open for partnership!

Moreover Jetdogs company successfully cooperates with other studios in the area of publishing games on different platforms.

Jetdogs team is in advisory board of Game Access conference (Brno, Czech Republic)

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Featured Game

It isn’t easy being an ancient god, even during peacetime. You have to lead and support your people, help them with the harvest, and encourage their growth… all without their noticing you. But what if your lands are on the edge of a cliff? What if your people approach a whirlpool while being attacked by a horrible, mysterious monster? Well, when that happens, it’s time for you to display all your power and intelligence!

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Job inquiries:

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JetDogs Oy, Fredrikinkatu 61A, 00100, Helsinki

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